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Distribution Reinvestment Plan

The REIT adopted a Distribution Reinvestment Plan, pursuant to which registered Unitholders are entitled to elect to have their cash distributions of the REIT automatically reinvested in additional Units as is by reference to the weighted average of the trading price for the Units on the TSX for the ten trading days immediately preceding the relevant Distribution Date.

Unitholders who so elect will receive a further distribution of Units equal in value to 4% of each distribution that was reinvested by the Unitholder.

No brokerage commissions are payable in connection with the purchase of Units under the Distribution Reinvestment Plan and all administrative costs are borne by the REIT.

Unitholders resident outside of Canada are not entitled to participate in the Distribution Reinvestment Plan. Upon ceasing to be a resident of Canada, a Unitholder must terminate the Unitholder's participation in the Distribution Reinvestment Plan.

Please contact your investment adviser for more information regarding OneREIT’s Distribution Reinvestment Plan. For more information about the DRIP and a copy of the plan:

DRIP Documents:

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